Mary Russell

cube party

Whoopee ti yi yo, get along little cubies...

Our intrepid cube wranglers were back at the table on Saturday, May 13th, riding some ornery chairs, and corralling over 30,000 little cubies for our upcoming Dynasty: The Era of the Five Dynasties by Richard Berg. Our cubepokes had much catching up to do and movies and television to discuss. The hungry and thirsty cubepokes partook of pizza, crazy bread, Dr. Pepper and Vernors from the chucktable. Just your typical fare for hardworking professional wranglers. Thank you to our cube wranglers for a wonderful afternoon. Whoopee ti yi yo!

Cubies came in boxes...

Cube 01

...here are some cubies milling about.

Cube 02

They came in bags.

Cube 03

And more bags.

Cube 07

Even more bags.

Cube 08

After five hours of ropin', and zippin', finally, cubies bagged!


Our busy wranglers included: Britt...

Cube 04


Cube 05

...Jamie, Adrienne, Alex...

Cube 09

...Tom, and Mary (not pictured)

head wrangler



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