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Hex no. 24, Boom and Zoom. At first, it appears deceptively simple: you begin the game with four towers and on your go, they can either "boom" (fire at an enemy tower, making it shorter) or "zoom" (move), with the range for both depending on the height of the tower. But subsequent plays will reveal a surprising amount of depth. This combinatorial abstract from veteran wargames designer Ty Bomba is, in Mr. Bomba's own words, the best game he's ever done.

Hex no. 25, Hood's Last Gamble. Designer John Theissen's third operational-level ACW game is focused on Hood's Tennessee Campaign. Unlike his previous designs in this vein, this time around both players must contend with a very delicate supply situation, striking a balance between boldness and caution, all while trying to come to grips with the enemy.

Hex no. 26, The Great Heathen Army. The fourth game in our Shields & Swords II series is also the biggest, containing more battles than all three previous games combined. These battles involve Viking invasions of England, from the reign of Alfred the Great to the victory of Canute of Assandun nearly a century and a half later.

Hex no. 27, Wars of Marcus Aurelius. Robert DeLeskie's award-winning PNP solitaire game gets the Hollandspiele treatment. The player assumes the role of Marcus Aurelius and beyond campaigning against the barbarians, he must deal with plague, scandal, disaster, and even his own melancholy. CDG mechanisms result in considerable card angst.