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Hex # 7, Blood In the Fog - regimental-level game about 1854 Battle of Inkerman, in which 7,000 Brits were attacked by 35,000 Russians... and the Brits won. Design by Tom Russell, map art by Ilya Kudriashov.


Hex # 8, Plan 1919: Fuller's Plan To End the Great War - explores a tank and air heavy battle plan that was never used, but proved influential in the development of tank doctrine. Four hundred forty counters on a 22" x 34" map. Designed by John Gorkowski, art by Ilya Kudriashov.


Hex no. 9, Ukrainian Crisis & The Little War - two games by Brian Train (The Scheldt Campaign) in a single affordable box. Ukrainian Crisis explores the recent Russian military intervention in the Ukraine and has a map by Tim Allen. The Little War covers the obscure Slovak-Hungarian border war of 1939, and uses an ordinary deck of playing cards to drive movement and combat. The map for that one is by Jose Ramon Faura.