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Hex no. 13, More Aggressive Attitudes. Operational-level treatment of the 1862 Virginia Campaign. Simple, but nuanced ruleset results in a quick-playing game full of possibilities. Design by John Theissen, with map art by Patrick Tremoureux.

Hex no. 15, Operation Unthinkable. Churchill-commissioned plan to attack the Soviets at the conclusion of WWII is explored by designer Ty Bomba, with rules for amphibious invasions, paradrops, and atomic bombs. 8 miles to a hex. Map art by Ilya Kudriashov.

Hex no. 16, Dynasty. One player is emperor in tenth-century China, and two-to-three others are governors trying to usurp power. The emperor has a different turn structure than the governors, but these roles will shift often during the game. Design is by Richard H. Berg, with art by Ania B. Ziolkowksa.

Hex no. 17, Seven Pines; or, Fair Oaks. First game in our Shot & Shell Battle Series (S&SBS) covers this interesting if inconclusive battle of the American Civil War. This brigade-level game is of moderate complexity, with five kinds of combat and an activation system that models exhaustion over the course of a day's fighting. Designed by Tom Russell, with art by Ilya Kudriashov.