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Hex no. 18, Table Battles. A quick filler game covering battles throughout history, in which players roll and allot dice to make attacks or respond to the enemy's attacks. This core set, designed by Tom Russell, has eight battles ranging from Bosworth in 1485 to Brooklyn Heights in 1776.

Hex no. 19, Objective Shreveport! Operational ACW game covering the Red River Campaign, with a special emphasis on unwieldy Union baggage trains and flexible Confederate cavalry detachments. Designed by John Theissen; the game shares some similarities with his More Aggressive Attitudes, but is at a different time/hex scale and has some important wrinkles. Map art is by Jose Ramon Faura.

Hex no. 20, For-Ex. Opaque economics game in which players trade currencies, with each currency only having value relative to the others and subject to subtle manipulations. Key to success are exchanges that are contracted to be made in the future, but at rates fixed when the contract is made. Design is by Tom Russell, with art by Cole Wehrle.