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JULY 2024

Crossing the Rubicon (John Theissen) is an expansion to the same designer's Beware the Ides of March. This adjusts the system and map to cover Caesar's civil war. Beware began both players with their prestige bordering on collapse. This iteration sees Caesar and Pompey begin from much stronger and more stable positions, resulting in a longer game with a more variable arc. Included are rules for an extended scenario for the base game. (2P)


For-Ex II: She Made Another One (Amabel Holland) is a fresh new take on one of our more unusual and divisive games. Some variance in investment opportunities makes the proceedings less deterministic, while a closed action economy creates moments of tension. It's a smaller, sleeker take on currency trading that demonstrates how much its designer has changed in the fourteen years since she made the first one. (3-4P)


Oblique: Supply Lines of Frederick the Great (Amabel Holland) covers the campaigns of Frederick II. Mechanically it's quite different from our other games with "Supply Lines" in the title, but shares a focus on how logistics impact operational maneuver and the challenge of coming to grips with the enemy. This block game has a bifurcated structure that sees you resolving set-piece battles through an abstract, deterministic game of clever tactics using wooden pieces. (2P)


Dead Names (Amabel Holland) is a solitaire weird western game. An old west gunfighter has been killed. She didn't mind that; comes with the job. But then they buried her in his grave. That was their mistake. At midnight she rises from the dead to settle the score. Revenge isn't going to be easy. Each of her thirteen killers is determined to put her back in the ground. And in pursuit, slowly but surely, is the Cold Man, charged by Hell to claim her again. (1P)


Dragon Pizza (Mary Holland & Amabel Holland) is exactly what it sounds like. After a thousand years, the great dragons return to Puforia, and bring with them the ancient secret of making pizza. As the head of a draconic house, you'll hire employees, gather ingredients, send questing parties into the lost lands, and deliver pizzas to the humanoid kingdoms dotting the continent. Each action you take will delay that worker's return by one or more turns. You'll need to use and expand your workforce wisely if you want to turn your local chain into a worldwide franchise. (2-4P)