Out of Print

Designers working with Hollandspiele always retain the rights to their games; we only license them for a limited period of time. Sometimes when the license expires, it is not renewed, and a game exits our catalogue. If you're ever wondering, "Why can't I find hex number such-and-such", well, this is why.

Hex no. 4, An Infamous Traffic (Cole Wehrle)
published October 2016, OOP December 2019

Hex no. 6, Teutons! (Lou Coatney)
published January 2017, OOP December 2019

Hex no. 15, Operation Unthinkable (Ty Bomba)
published June 2017, OOP June 2020

Hex no. 16, Dynasty (Richard H. Berg)
published July 2017, OOP June 2020

Hex no. 21, Bitskrieg (Scott & Miles Muldoon)
published October 2017, OOP November 2021

Hex no. 29, The Big Push (Renaud Verlaque)
published July 2018, OOP June 2021

Hex no. 33, Meltwater (Erin Escobedo)
published September 2018, OOP November 2021