Designer: Xoe Allred
Art: Xoe Allred
Hex Number: 75
Duration: 5 to 999 minutes
Players: 2-8
Solitaire Suitability: Low
Theme: Dinosaurs
MSRP: $25.00

A comet speeds toward the earth. When it collides, you and every other dinosaur you know will die. But talking about it is “a bummer” and “we don’t want to think about that right now” and “why are you like this”, and after all it is game night.

In VelociRapture, you play as dinos playing Human Games while waiting for The End. Each dino’s unique Coping Mechanism prevents them from thinking too hard about their mortality. Xoe Allred brings a characteristic playfulness and charm to this experimental and delightfully meta party game made up of three dozen small games that are by turns surprising, compelling, irreverent, and perplexing.

  • 36 cards
  • Bag of wood pieces

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