Siege of Izmail


Game Design & Art: Ilya Kudriashov
Hex number: 42
Duration: 120 minutes
Players: 2
Solitaire Suitability: High
Weight: Medium
Theme: Eighteenth Century
MSRP: $40.00

Over the last few years, working on dozens of games for a myriad of publishers, Ilya Kudriashov’s distinctive, gorgeous, and evocative wargame maps have won him many admirers. Hollandspiele has been privileged to work with Mr. Kudriashov more than any other artist to date, a collaboration that started with our very first release. His background as a historian brings to each project a depth of knowledge and an eye for detail that not only enhances the visual appeal of the game but also its historical accuracy.

These qualities serve him well in Siege of Izmail, his debut as a designer. The game recreates the 22 December 1790 assault on the Ottoman fortress by a Russian army led by the capable and dynamic Alexander Suvorov. This famous Russian victory against overwhelming odds inspired an unofficial national anthem, Let the Thunder of Victory Sound.

At its core, Siege of Izmail is a simple game utilizing a traditional move-combat turn structure that gets you right into the action. There are however some unique wrinkles that adeptly capture the drama of a fortress assault. Occupying the walls allows the Ottoman Units to spread out via Detached Troop markers, each of which may have the higher combat value of a full unit. Fixed artillery positions printed on map may be fired at the approaching enemy. Nuanced Zone of Control conditions mandate some combats but not others. Optional leader rules provide challenges and benefits for both players.

Created for the 2018 Board Game Geek Wargame Print and Play Contest, Siege of Izmail decisively swept the awards (including Best Game, Best Artwork, and Best New Designer), and it’s easy to see why: it is elegant, exciting, and appealing, executed with care and attention to detail. All things that could also be said of the many wargame maps he has put on our tables. With map art, counters, and game all created by Ilya Kudriashov, one expects nothing less.

22" x 17" mapsheet
176 counters
8-page rulebook
1 six-sided die

You can purchase the Print-and-Play version here.