Dinosaur Gauge


Designer: Mary Holland and Amabel Holland
Art: Wil Alambre
Hex Number: 71
Duration: 60 minutes
Players: 3-5
Solitaire Suitability: Low
Theme: Dinosaurs
MSRP: $60.00

Note: Play money is not provided. See here for our alternative to play money.

Dinosaur Gauge is a pick-up and devour game in which players invest in four different kinds of dino industries, all with an eye toward maximizing the value of their holdings on the Stomp Market. This extremely accurate and rigorously-researched game opens as the Western Interior Seaway shrinks, and with it the fortunes of once-mighty dino shipping magnates. But this paves the way for expansion by dino rail barons, eager to bring goods made at dino factories to emerging dino cities! But even these tyrannosaurus tycoons might find their legends eclipsed by dino airlines.

Hexagonal tiles are placed on water hexes to shrink the Seaway, and also serve as the timer of the game. Each player gets an equal number of turns in which they place a tile, buy one share of stock, and then take one action – building for a railroad, making a delivery, producing goods, establishing an airport, or recycling. Each industry works and scores a little differently, and with only a handful of turns, you'll need to invest and act carefully, with an eye toward incentivizing your fellow players to do the hard part for you. End the game with the most money, and you win!

The first game design by Hollandspiele founder Mary Holland, collaborating with veteran cube rails designer Amabel Holland (Irish Gauge). Dinosaur Gauge is a gleeful game about managing chaos, emergent alliances, and, most of all, how much Mary loves dinosaurs.

  • 25.5" x 22" map
  • 16-page rulebook
  • 2 tile sheets
  • 160 wooden pieces

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