Watch Out! That's Errata!

Hi all! Amabel here.

Our 2022 holiday freebie game was released with a small but important error. Despite what our new rat friend below has to say, probably this is my fault. I am as you can imagine pretty embarrassed by this. The holiday games are always intended as a sort of gift to y'all, and it's something I try to approach thoughtfully and carefully, as you would any homemade gift. So for me to drop the ball like this is pretty galling, and it certainly interacts with fears about my cerebral hemorrhages that are, uh, not great!

Anyway! Here's a card you can download, print up, and add to your game to remind you of the error, allowing you to enjoy your game.

Picture of a rat in a green vest.  E. RATA Hello I am a helpful rat friend! The rules card for this game says that you need to deal out THREE cards to form the market. This is completely wrong! It should be TWO cards, not THREE. We're not sure how this happened. Probably Dracula did it.