We receive requests daily from folks wanting to know when our games will be available to order from European retailers, so as to avoid overseas shipping costs and customs. Because we're a small, print-on-demand company, our profit margin is significantly less than that of larger companies with large traditional print runs. We can't afford to give a retailer the sort of discount that would enable them to make a profit; if we did, we'd be selling the game at a loss. The discount that we can offer to them is such that once you factor in shipping, that retailer is likely to be selling the game at a loss on their end, or would be forced to charge significantly more than we do here on our site. That's neither sustainable nor workable for any party. If we find a way around this problem, we'll be sure to put it right here in this space.

Until then, the only place to purchase physical copies of our games is right here on our website. Note that we also offer print-and-play versions of each of our titles on Wargame Vault.