About us

Hollandspiele LLC is a publisher of carefully-curated, affordably-priced military history board games. We license games from some of today's most interesting designers, and have partnered with Blue Panther LLC to produce high-quality print-on-demand boxed games with thick, laser-cut counters.

Mary Holland-Russell, Games Commander

Games Commander Mary Holland-Russell previously ran the day-to-day operations of Mark Walker's Tiny Battle Publishing, overseeing the publication of over a dozen games from concept to finished product. Building on that experience and her strong working relationships with designers and artists, she not only handles the day-to-day operations of Hollandspiele, but handles all outside designs.

Tom Russell, House Designer & Artist

Mary's husband Tom has designed a wide variety of games for a half-dozen different publishers, and until recently was the Editor of Yaah! Magazine. He now designs and develops military history games exclusively for Hollandspiele, as well as designing counters, covers, and advertising material for many Hollandspiele titles.

Questions, Comments, Complaints, and Complements?

You can reach us via email at hollandspiele at gmail dot com .

Submissions & Compensation

When it comes to designers, Hollandspiele aims to follow the Golden Rule: we want to treat designers as we'd like to be treated. That's why we will never ask a designer to sign away their rights to their original designs*. Instead, we license the publication rights from the designer for three years at a time. Designers are paid a per-copy royalty of at least $3USD, with the royalties for the first fifty copies paid in advance. Two copies of the game will be provided free of charge, and designers have the option to purchase additional copies "at cost".

 We generally seek out designers and designs, but are happy to consider submissions. If you have a finished game that you'd like us to take a look at, drop us a line at  hollandspiele at gmail dot com .

* - A Note About Series Games: If you would like to submit a design based on one of our in-house systems, such as Shields & Swords II, that would be the one and only case where we would likely buy the rights to the design outright instead of licensing them. It's probably best that you contact us ahead of time, so that we can let you know if a game on a given topic is already in the works, and so that we can put you in touch with the series' developer.

Printing & Shipping

When you order one of our products, we send it over to our friends at Blue Panther. Your game(s) will typically be printed and assembled within two to three weeks. It could also be as short as a couple of days; it's all going to depend on the volume being ordered. Please be patient, and if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at hollandspiele at gmail dot com .

You'll notice that our MSRPs are generally lower than similar games from other publishers. This necessarily means that our profit margin is lower, and that we're not presently in a position to absorb or mitigate shipping costs domestically or internationally. In the meantime, if the shipping costs are a little too daunting, we do offer Print and Play versions of all our titles exclusively through Wargame Vault for 12 bucks a piece. You can find them here: Hollandspiele on Wargame Vault


To find out more about us, you can read our blog (updated twice weekly), visit us on Facebook or Twitter, or listen to our weekly-ish podcast.