World Wars

Teutons!: Assaults on the West, 1870-1940


Game design: Lou Coatney
Map Art: Patrick Tremoureux
Hex Number: 6
Duration: 120 to 180 minutes
Players: 2
Solitaire Suitablity: High
Theme: Nineteenth century; WWI; WWII
MSRP: $45.00

France and Germany have been rivals for centuries, dating back to the splintering of the Frankish Kingdom in the ninth century. In 1870, Otto von Bismarck expertly played on a millennia of tension to orchestrate the Franco-Prussian War that led to a unified German state, and the dissolution of the Second Empire of Napoleon III. This resurgent (and increasingly belligerent) Germany sent diplomatic shock-waves throughout Europe, setting the stage for the Great War, which saw pickle-helmed German troops invade the West in 1914. Resentment over the eventual Allied victory paved the way for the rise of Nazi Germany, which pointed its panzers toward Paris in 1940, delivering a crushing and humiliating defeat to France and its allies.

Each of these conflicts saw France invaded by Germany, and resulted in a desperate, bloody struggle. In what other ways were these conflicts similar? How were they different? Why did they turn out the way that they did?

Teutons!: Assaults on the West, 1870-1940 seeks to answer these questions by simulating these three conflicts utilizing a common basic ruleset and map, with modifications specific to that era and conflict. Each Unit represents an Army or Corps, and each hex represents 35 kilometers. This keeps the counter density fairly low, and the playtime reasonable. The game uses a Move-Combat sequence and odds-based CRT, and allows for some flexibility when resolving Combat. In the 1914 and 1940 games, the German Player has a special Breakthrough (exploitation) phase. These familiar mechanisms are further enhanced by clever bits of chrome, from the amorous misadventures of Mata Hari to the Miracle at Dunkirk. It's an ideal introductory wargame - or rather, three ideal introductory wargames in a single box.

For years, designer Lou Coatney has been designing simple, fun hex-and-counter wargames which he has released for free download on his website. For some gamers - including Hollandspiele co-founder Tom Russell - Mr. Coatney's designs were the first wargames they ever got onto the table. Hollandspiele is excited to present three of these games in one affordable package, with new, attractive, super-thick counters, and a beautiful new map created by artist Patrick Tremoureux.

  • (1) 22"x17" map
  • (176) 5/8" counters
  • (1) double-sided PAC
  • (1) six-sided die
  • 12-page rulebook

 You can purchase the Print-and-Play version here.

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