Map Upgrades

Map Upgrades

ONE-SHEET PAPER MAPS (not mounted, you guys)

***These are also not the same thing as our canvas maps***

If you purchased your game after July 1, 2017 you do not need a map upgrade.

$6.50-- Map only
SCHELDT CAMPAIGN (11 x 25.5-inches)
THE GRUNWALD SWORDS (17 x 22-inches)
AN INFAMOUS TRAFFIC (17 x 22-inches)
TEUTONS! (17 x 22-inches)
BLOOD IN THE FOG (17 x 22-inches)
SUPPLY LINES (17 x 22-inches)
BATTLES ON THE ICE (17 x 22-inches)

$10.00-- Map only
PLAN 1919 (22 x 34-inches)
HORSE & MUSKET (17 x 33-inches)

When we first started out, technological restraints necessitated that maps larger than 11" x 17" be broken up into 11" x 17" segments. Thanks to your continued support, we and our printing partner were able to transition to printing full one-piece maps. For those early adopters who would like to get a full-sized single sheet map, we are offering the maps as separate purchases.

If you purchase one of these in the same order as one or more boxed games, the shipping cost is going to be less than it will be if we have to ship the maps separately.

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